Sunday, October 7, 2012

Starting Fresh

We have finally moved out of my parents house. We got a puppy and I am going to start living better in
general. Ok so I have decided to make some resolutions for our new house some of them have to do with my personal health like quitting smoking and no more hormonal birth control and some are for the health of my whole family such as no more soda in this house eating more fermented food and drinks  and not using commercial cleaning products I am going to tell you guys all about my voyage into a more natural life. We are going to start doing bountiful baskets to get more cheaper fruits and veggies in to our diets and for me to can. I plan on making milk kefir water kefir kombucha and jun as drinks for the family home made syrups can be added to these so that they are more appetizing to the kids and hubby.

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