Sunday, October 7, 2012

herb oils cheaper then essentials lovely

Ok so it has been brought to my attention that some people think that making your own oils needs to be expensive well that is just not true. I love to make herb oils and all you have to do is get a glass bottle, enough herbs of your choose to fill that bottle, and your favorite carrier oil I like light oils. I like to use coconut oil but that is slightly trickier to use so if you’re just starting things you can use any oil you happen to have in the house canola, corn, olive it’s all fine just remember that lighter is better. I’m not a big fan of olive oil for this reason but it will work. If you have an herb garden then this will be super cheap if not see if a friend, relative or neighbor that does will donate the herbs to you. If not then a trip to the grocery store is in order.  Any herbs will work use your own ideas put together things like rosemary and mint or any combination you like you can use vanilla bean ginger cinnamon nutmeg any you want.

Items you need:

Large glass jar I like spaghetti sauce jars for this as they are large glass and have lids

Enough herbs and spices to fill the jar up.

Carrier oils any will work corn and canola are cheap and light so they will take scents and favors very well.

Take your clean glass jar and fill with your herbs and fill with oil put in a warm dark place for a month take out after it has steeped for desired time strain it and put in fancy jar or right back in the original jar use for spells rituals and cooking it is ok to do any combo u like just be careful with herbs and spices that are skin irritators or not food safe.

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